About Rampwaq

RampwaqTM is a home-grown brand which deals with a range of apparel products that are designed and created with active inputs from our customers. Our collection ranges from regular standard products to designer items.

What is the brand motto?
   At Rampwaq, we believe in creating trends and not in following them. We value our customers and we strive hard to create products in such a way that the wearer feels that he is a style icon and is always walking the ramp in a fashion show!!
What is unique about Rampwaq?
   Nothing is as permanent as change and this applies to the world of fashion perfectly. So instead of trying to figure out what you need, we are creating a platform where you have the luxury to create products based on your own tastes and needs. In short, Rampwaq is a brand which is created by the customers and for the customers!!
What are the avenues through which Rampwaq's products are sold?
    Our products are available in our online store as well as in physical retail shops in different locations. We have also partnered with other e-commerce companies to sell / distribute our products online.